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Telephone / 性福預約專線 / +6013-5020202
Email / 性福預約信箱 / [email protected]
Address / 地址 / Belive Happiness (M) Sdn Bhd
Block A-1-10, Plaza Arkadia Jalan Intisari,
Desa Park City, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Male sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, impotence, ejaculation problems, male sexual dysfunction anti-aging and healthcare, female sexual dysfunction, female intercourse pain (dyspareunia), female orgasmic disorder, low libido, family intimate relationship consultation, partner sexual distress, asexual marriage, homosexuals issues, sex education and sexual health consultation, sex power exploration, sexual happiness self-training.

FAQ / 常見問題

Q1: Do I need to make an appointment for the first consultation?

A1: Yes, in order to respect the privacy of each case, we will adopt a one-to-one consultation. You are welcome to call the reservation line of Belive Happiness Sexual Health Center. Belive Happiness reservation hotline: +6013-5020202

Q2: How long is the course?

A2: The course is depending on the situation of each case.

Q3: Do I need to take medicine or surgery?

A3: No. Through the self-training method, the instructor will demonstrate and guide using teaching materials in the course, and then assign homework that is suitable for you to practice at home. 85% -95% of the cases will improve after the end of the course.

Q4: What are the services?

A4: Our services include male sexual dysfunction (such as premature ejaculation, impotence), female sexual dysfunction (such as dyspareunia, low libido), sexual distress, sexual health consultation and etc. Please refer to “Our Services” for details.

Q5: Do you provide training services? What are they?
Q5:請問有提供培训服务吗? 有哪些?

A5: Yes. The training is divided into four major categories: sex counseling / sex health, improvement of male & female sexual functional distress, relationship issues & sex education / lectures. That is to achieve the above goals and convey the idea of “Sexual Health” in various the forms & media. For more information please call to hotline +6013-5020202.
A5:有。项目主要分為四大類 ─「性諮詢/性健康」、改善「男/女性功能困擾」、「關係議題」與「性教育/講座」,以各種形式與媒介達到上述目標並傳遞「性健康」的觀念。更多详情歡迎您撥打性福專線 +6013-5020202

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