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About / Happiness Tutor
關於 / 性福導師

1. The mission of Happiness Tutor - Prevention and improvement of "General Sexual Problems"

2. What Belive Happiness is doing / 相性幸福在做的事:

We often link “sexual problems” directly to “sexual dysfunction”.
In fact, the “sex dysfunction” with disease tag is only a significantly serious one among sexual problem, like a visible tip of the iceberg. Although the rest have no disease names to call, yet affect personal confidence, interpersonal relationships, sexual life and etc. that everyone under the iceberg are more or less ignorant and sceptical about sex.

  1. Sex is an issue that everyone will face, so promoting “sexual health” requires time and effort.
  2. Affected by societies and cultures, the question of sexuality remains difficult for most people. “Happiness Tutor” plays the role to promote the delivery of a positive attitude towards sex in step by step.
  3. Provide services of sex education, sex counselling and self-training courses according to each consultee based on their condition to fulfil mission.
  4. “Belive Happiness” is the only sexual health brand in Taiwan that effectively integrates different levels of sexual problems in corresponding and appropriate ways via the role of Happiness Tutor.



  1. 性是每個人都會面臨到的議題,因此要推廣「性健康」是需要時日的累積與努力。
  2. 受到社會與文化的影響,性的疑問對多數人而言仍難以啟齒。以「性福導師」的角色,循序漸進地宣傳遞以正向的態度來面對性。
  3. 依據每位前來的諮詢的人們,依據其狀態,提供性教育、性諮詢及性福自助訓練課程之服務,落實其使命。
  4. 「相性幸福」是全台唯一性健康的品牌,藉由性福導師,將不同程度的性問題,用相應且適當的方式,有效地將之整合在一起。
What Belive Happiness is Doing

3. What Happiness Tutor Can Do / 性福導師能做的事:

The service range are mainly divided into four categories – “sex counselling/ sex health”, improvement of “male/ female functional distress”, “relationship issues” and “sex education/ speech” to achieve the above goals in various forms and media as well as deliver concept of “sex health “.

服務項目主要分為四大類  ─「性諮詢/性健康」、改善「男/女性功能困擾」、「關係議題」與「性教育/講座」,以各種形式與媒介達到上述目標並傳遞「性健康」的觀念。

4. The ability of Happiness Tutor / 性福導師具備的能力:

Happiness Tutor Capabilities