Everyone has more or less concerns about sex, the difference lies on the level of impact. Regardless of the degree of severity, you can do preliminary consultation and evaluation first.

性諮詢/性健康 一、性諮詢 每個人或多或少都有性的疑慮,差別在於影響的程度,無論程度的輕重皆可先做初步的諮詢

Premature ejaculation (PE) is the most common male sexual dysfunction.

男性性功能障礙 一、早發性射精 1. 定義:早洩(Premature ejaculation,簡稱:PE)

Female Sexual Dysfunction, Vaginismus. The vagina rejects insertion in any way, such as tampons, duckbill pliers, fingers, penis, and etc.

女性性功能困擾 / 陰道痙攣 (Vaginismus) 陰道禁止任何方式的侵入,像是棉條、鴨嘴鉗