Sex Consultation / Sexual Health

1. Sex Consultation

Everyone has more or less concerns about sex, the difference lies on the level of impact. Regardless of the degree of severity, you can do preliminary consultation and evaluation first.
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  1. Sexual Concerns:
    (1) ) An individual’s concerns about one’s or partner’s sexual organs, sexual concepts, sexual attitudes and sexual behaviors, which in turn affect the sexual satisfaction of oneself or the other.

    (2) Sexual concerns affected by social groups: Sexual myths, sexual hand-ups
    社會群體所影響的性疑慮:性迷思(Sexual Myths)、性執著(Sexual hand-ups)

  2. Sexual Distress:
    (1) Distress caused by sexual physiology 性生理所引起的困擾
    (2) Distress caused by sexual psychology 性心理所引起的困擾
    (3) Distress caused by sexual desire. For example a spouse, the husband expects sexual behavior at least once a day but the wife only wants to have sex once every two weeks, neither of them belongs to sexual dysfunction despite of their sexual desire. However, their gap in sex life is relatively large and will ultimately ended up with sexual disharmony.
    (4) Distress caused by relationships 關係所引起的困擾

  3. Sexual Dysfunctions
    When a man or woman cannot perform sexual intercourse (penis enters vagina) due to the function of “sexual reproductive organs”, it is called sexual dysfunction, which further affects fertility, emotions, relationships, sexual life and others. Please refer to male sexual dysfunction/ female sexual dysfunction for details.
    男性或女性因為「性生殖器官」的功能而無法完成性交(陰莖進入陰道)的情況,即被稱為性功能障礙,進階影響生育、情緒、關係與性生活等面像。詳細請參考男性性功能困擾 / 女性性功能困擾

2. Sexual Health

  1. Body image: Sex covers both physiology and psychology, so the degree of satisfaction with your body’s image will affect self-confidence and extend to sexual behavior and interaction with your partner. Therefore, a positive behavioral response to your body image is also an essential element of sexual health.

    (1) Definition: Translated from body image, is a dynamic development process, which will have different definitions and attitudes due to different people, times and places. (Norris, 1970)
    定義:翻譯自body image,是一個動態的發展過程,會因人、時、地的不同,而有不同的定義與態度。(Norris,1970)

    (2) Composition:
    The actual body (the existing body), the ideal body (the desired body image in your mind), and the presented body (the appearance of the existing body in the external environment), in addition to the body, it also includes social roles and relationships.

    (3) Aspects of concern:
    Body function (physical activity, function), body feeling (feeling or impression of the body), body structure (anatomical image), and social function (social behaviors that the body can engage in). The above four will influence each other.

    (4) Behavioral response of body image:

    Positive behavior: Agree, accept, joy, satisfied, approval …
    Negative behavior: Denial, reject, dissatisfied, disappointed, oppose and other negative, unconstructive, and ideas for improvement.

  2. Know your lust 認識自己的情慾

  3. Sexual healthcare 性的保健